Frequently Asked Questions


Who is is powered by Validential, America’s #1 ranked next day foreign academic evaluation agency. Validential is a nationally recognized and accredited academic evaluation agency, and since 2014 we’ve been passionate about serving our clients! We’re Better Business Bureau members and rated A+, and we’re also members of many international education and academic evaluation organizations. We specialize in evaluating degrees to US or Canadian standards and have delivered tens of thousands of evaluations to satisfied clients.

Why should I choose Validential for my academic evaluation?

We’re the lowest priced agency with the fastest turnaround time as compared to 26 of the leading agencies in the US, so by completing your evaluation with us, you’ll receive a superior evaluation that’s delivered faster and at a much lower cost. Why pay more and wait longer? Still not sure? Read over 1,000 reviews here!

Which countries are you qualified to complete academic evaluations for?

We’re able to evaluate academic credentials from any country in the world.

Where are you located?

We’re headquartered in Southern California, and serve clients throughout the US and Canada (and overseas too).

What’s your mailing address?

3334 East Coast Hwy, #315; Corona del Mar CA 92625

What are your hours of operation?

We provide sales and support 7 days per week, with inbound calling 24/7, outbound calling M-F 9am to 5pm, and chat support M-F 5am to 10pm PST, and Saturday and Sunday 5am to 9pm PST. Evaluations are completed M-F.

What are your main phone numbers?

Our toll-free number is +1 866 330 7769, and standard line is +1 949 333 3255.

Who do I contact for support?

Please contact for a prompt response.

Who do I contact for a quote or to place an order?

Email your documents to for an immediate quote or to place your order.

I’m not ready to order yet. How do I receive preliminary information?

Simply email for information. You can reply whenever you’re ready to proceed.

What forms of payment are accepted?

You can pay securely online with debit or credit card, or mail a check or money order.



Why do I need an academic evaluation?

Educational achievements outside the US are not automatically recognized within the US. An academic evaluation is required in order to identify what your foreign studies are equivalent to, thus making your foreign educational achievements recognizable for the purpose of continuing education, for an employment application or promotion, or for visa purposes. Read more here.

What are your rates?

We offer the best rates in the industry – General evaluations from $49, and Course by Course evaluations from $99. Translations are $24.99 per page for all languages, up to 250 words/page.

Which type of evaluation do I need?

For continuing education or employment purposes we recommend a Standard Course by Course evaluation. For visa purposes, we recommend a specialized Immigration Course by Course. A general evaluation may occasionally be sufficient for certain needs (please check with the intended recipient).

What documents do I need to provide?

Please email a clear picture/scan of your diploma/graduation certificate (if available) and transcripts/marksheets for each course of study you want evaluated.

How long does it take?

Our standard service time is next day to email your draft evaluation document/s (see our complete Terms & Conditions here). Standard (first class) mailing is 1 week in the US; 2 weeks to Canada; and 3 weeks or more to all other countries. Need it faster? If you need it faster, we also have same day evaluations!

What’s in a Course by Course evaluation?

Course by Course evaluations are typically 7-9 pages long.

Standard Course by Course evaluations are backed by our nationwide 100% Acceptance Guarantee for work or education purposes, and include the degree and transcript equivalencies, post-secondary credit calculation, grade point equivalency and total GPA calculation, evaluator resume, citations, certification, and mailing to one address.

Immigration Course by Course evaluations are backed by our nationwide 100% Acceptance Guarantee for US immigration, work and continuing education purposes, and include the degree and transcript equivalencies, post-secondary credit calculation, course equivalencies, grade point equivalency and total GPA calculation, education narrative (as required by USCIS), evaluator resume, citations, certification, and mailing to one address.

What’s in a General evaluation?

A General evaluation is typically about 5 pages long and includes the degree equivalency, evaluator resume, citations, certification, and mailing to one address.

What if I didn’t complete my studies?

We can easily evaluate incomplete studies. Simply email us your transcripts/marksheets.

What’s the process for an evaluation?

We ask you to first email us a scan of your documents so we can review them and give you a quote. Once you’re ready to proceed, we’ll send you the invoice so you can make payment securely online with debit/credit card or PayPal. We’ll get you started as soon as the payment is received.

If your order includes translation, we will complete that first (translations usually take one day), and send the draft for your review and approval prior to starting the evaluation portion of your order.

We take one day to complete the evaluation. We’ll send a draft via email for your approval to mail, and you’ll enter your desired mailing address using the link provided in that email. Mailing takes 1 week in the US; 2 weeks to Canada. Low cost rush options are available if you need it sooner.

I need my evaluation right away! How fast can you complete it?

We also offer a same day rush option. Please contact and they’ll advise of the lowest cost way to meet your requirements.

How do I place an order?

Email your documents to for an immediate quote, or place your order directly here.

I just emailed my document/s to you. Where’s my quote?

We typically review your documents and respond to quote requests within 5-15 minutes. If it’s been longer than that, kindly check your junk folder. If your quote is still not there, kindly email for further assistance.

Why do my documents need to be in English?

Our evaluators and the intended recipients of your evaluation will need to see a certified translation of all non-English educational documents that were relied upon to prepare your academic evaluation. If you don’t have certified translations available, we are American Translators Association members and can provide you with certified translations integrated into the overall academic evaluation process.

Can you tell me what the evaluation will be equivalent to before I pay?

Our evaluators are unable to review any documents until your order is active/has been paid for, so we cannot estimate nor guarantee the outcome on any evaluation. However, you’re always protected by the industry’s only Satisfaction Guarantee: If you’re not satisfied with your translation and/or evaluation and we can’t fix it based on the documents you’ve provided, you can cancel prior to mailing for a full refund of the applicable fees.

Can you give me a bigger discount?

You’ll see the pricing of 26 of our competitors on our site under the Prices tab. We’re ranked #1 for the lowest price and fastest speed. Since our competitors’ average fee for a single Course by Course evaluation delivered in one week is $304, by completing your evaluation with us, you’ll receive a superior evaluation that’s delivered in only one day and at a much lower cost. Please note that if you purchase services from an agency not on this list, you have a higher risk of your evaluation/s being rejected by the recipient.

Why do you need my cell phone number?

To prevent orders being lost in junk/spam folders, we send an SMS notification when your document/s are emailed. Use of your cell phone is limited to this specific purpose, and you can opt-out at any time.

Will my Immigration Course by Course evaluation be accepted by USCIS for US immigration?

Your Immigration Course by Course evaluation comes with our 100% Acceptance Guarantee for US immigration, continuing education and employment purposes.

Will my Course by Course evaluations be accepted by my employer or school?

Your Standard Course by Course evaluation comes with our 100% Acceptance Guarantee for continuing education and employment purposes.

Can I order or pay on behalf of someone else?

Yes – many of our clients either order (or pay) on behalf of family or friends!

Are your evaluations accepted for licensure?

We are approved in many states and industries for licensure, and our evaluations are widely accepted nationwide for this purpose, but we recommend you check with the relevant licensing board prior to ordering from any agency.

How can I trust your agency?

We’re accredited by the Better Business Bureau with their highest rating of A+. You can see our Five Star BBB reviews here. Still not sure? Read over 1,000 reviews here!

Can I translate the documents myself?

No. We required independent, certified translations of all non-English documents.

My name has changed since I completed my studies. What happens?

Name change requests are common for academic evaluations. Per agency policy, we do not change the names on evaluated document/s – this is to preserve the document trail from the documents you have provided to our completed evaluation. Simply provide a copy of the proof-of-change documents (e.g. marriage/divorce/name change certificate) directly to the person/organization you’re providing the evaluation to.

How long is my invoice active for?

If your unpaid invoice is more than 90 days old, your order will have been automatically purged from our system. Simply contact and we’ll create a fresh order and invoice for you.

Do you provide Expert Opinion Letters for Employment-Based Immigration?

We provide academic evaluations for immigration purposes, however, we do not provide Expert Opinion Letters. We instead recommend ProfVal for their research-based Expert Opinion Letters for a variety of employment-based visa types, such as: EB-1, EB-2, H-1B, H-3, L-1, or O. Please Note: 1) Our agencies are unaffiliated; and 2) ProfVal typically requires clients to have an attorney in order to provide an EOL.

Can I combine my education and work experience for visa purposes?

Yes. Although we don’t evaluate work experience, we can certainly evaluate your foreign academic credentials. Pursuant to Regulation 214.2(h)(4)(iii)(D)(5), USCIS can then determine if you have the requisite educational level based on a combination of our academic evaluation and your proof of relevant work experience.

What if I don’t agree with your academic evaluation assessment?

Please let us know why, and we’ll be happy to take your feedback to your evaluator. If you’re still not satisfied with your evaluation and we can’t fix it based on the documents you’ve provided, you can cancel prior to mailing for a full refund of the evaluation fee.

Do I need to mail you my documents?

Academic documents are often irreplaceable and can unfortunately be lost in the mail, so we don’t require you to mail your documents to us. We provide all our services online to ensure fastest delivery and the lowest prices to you. You can conveniently upload your documents on our site, email us or text them to us. If your school mails your documents to us, they can do so at our mailing address noted elsewhere in the FAQs.

Will the school I’m applying to accept all the credits listed on my Course by Course evaluation?

Credit transfer policies vary by school, so you will need to check with the admissions office of your intended school regarding their policy.

Are you the same as WES, ECE or Josef Silny & Associates?

Those are different agencies, although we provide the same services with many additional benefits: 1) standard Next Day service; 2) a 100% Acceptance Guarantee for Course by Course evaluations; 3) a Satisfaction Guarantee on all our work; 4) evaluations never expire; 5) dramatically lower costs; and 6) superior customer service!

What is the processing fee for?

The card processing fee partially offsets the fees your credit card company/PayPal charges us.

When does my order start?

Your order starts upon receipt of payment for your project invoice. For self-serve orders, your order starts once we have reviewed your documents and approved your order. All orders are subject to final review by our evaluators as to completeness of documents.

What is the optional high-resolution scan and why would I need it?

Many of our clients like to receive a scan of their certified document/s upon completion of their order, and not have to wait for the mailed hard copies. We offer a high-resolution scan of your certified document/s for $10 per order (if the scan request is placed with your initial order), or $10 per document after your order is mailed.

Please note that the scan fee is a one-time fee only. If you subsequently require us to email your document/s to a third-party (for example, a school or employer), there is no additional charge for us to do so.

What is your 100% Acceptance Guarantee?

We guarantee that your Immigration Course by Course evaluation will be an accepted assessment of your foreign studies for US immigration, continuing education or work purposes, and that your Standard Course by Course evaluation will be an accepted assessment of your foreign studies for continuing education or work purposes. See our complete Terms & Conditions related to this guarantee here.

How many copies do I get?

Your evaluation order includes one copy of each document in your order shipped to one address via standard US mail (first class; no tracking number).

Can I order extra copies?

Yes, you can order as many copies as needed, now or in the future (fees apply).

Is my evaluation certified?

Yes, your evaluation will be certified, stamped and signed by your evaluator – ideal for education, work or visa purposes!

Will my evaluation expire?

No – your evaluation/s do not expire.

Can I pay higher fees to increase my GPA or credits?

No. Your evaluation will reflect your prior academic achievements in all respects.

Are your evaluations accepted for Express Entry immigration in Canada?

While our evaluations are widely accepted throughout Canada for work and education purposes, our agency is not approved for Express Entry and Canada Immigration. We suggest WES for this purpose.



Why do I have a surcharge on my invoice?

Surcharges most often apply for translations above 250 words/page, but may also apply for additional services requested. Any surcharges will be identified clearly on your invoice.

I just placed an order. Where do I enter my address?

We don’t collect your address yet. Instructions and a link to enter your address will be provided when we email your draft document/s.

I just paid. Where’s my receipt?

Receipts are emailed immediately after payment. If you haven’t received it yet, please check your junk folder. If it’s still not there, please contact and we’ll email it to you manually.

How do I check the status of my order?

You can check the status of your order anytime by clicking the ‘ORDER STATUS’ link in your order summary email (sent shortly after your payment was received; if you didn’t receive that email, kindly check your junk mail folder).

I haven’t received my draft document/s yet. How long does it take?

Once we start your order, we guarantee we’ll email you the draft evaluation the following day (see our complete Terms & Conditions here). For orders that include translation, those are completed first and usually take one day.



Why do you send me a draft to review and approve?

Sometimes the fonts used on the documents provided to us can be difficult for our translators or evaluators to read, so we don’t mail your document/s until you’ve had an opportunity to ensure that names and places are spelled correctly, and the overall document meets with your approval.

I just received my draft translation document/s. Do I need to do anything?

Yes – we need you to review and respond using the links provided. Please follow the instructions contained in the email so that we can proceed with your order.

I just received my draft evaluation document/s. What do I do next?

To accept your document/s, please click the ‘ACCEPT’ link within the email containing your draft document. You will then be taken to our site to enter your mailing address.

How do I make a correction/edit request?

Simply click the ‘CHANGES’ link within the applicable email containing your draft document in order to enter your request into our system. This is the fastest way to enter any concerns, and you’ll receive a response from us promptly.

I ordered the scan – when will I receive it?

Scans are sent promptly after you have approved your document/s for mailing. If you’ve approved your order for mailing and need your scan right away, please contact so we can take care of you!



I approved my draft document/s. How long does mailing take?

Rush mailing delivery time is in accordance with the selected service. Standard (first class) mailing is 1 week in the US; 2 weeks to Canada; and 3 weeks or more to all other countries. Mailing can also be delayed a day or two due to weather. Please note that standard mailing does not have tracking.

I realized that I made a mistake on my mailing address, but my order was already mailed. What can I do?

We can immediately re-mail your order to the corrected address (fees apply), or wait for USPS to return the order to us (this can take several weeks), and then re-mail your order to the corrected address at no charge.

Where’s my tracking number?

For rush mailing options, we email the tracking number to you when your order is processed for mailing. If you didn’t receive it, kindly check your junk folder. Still not there? Please contact Please note that standard mail does not have tracking.

I received an Electronic Delivery email. What is that?

We send draft document/s for your careful review and approval so that we can finalize your order. If five calendar days elapse and you haven’t yet responded to the draft document/s using the links provided, your order is automatically finalized and converted to Electronic Delivery per our T&Cs. For orders that include mailed copies, simply email us your mailing address and we’ll get your order shipped out promptly!

My school/employer wants to receive the document/s directly from you. How do I do that?

Your order includes mailing to one address – just enter whatever address you want us to mail the document/s to. If we’re mailing your document/s to a school, please don’t forget to include an application/student ID if you have one, plus the admissions office and/or an admissions officer in the address.

What if I need my documents mailed to an additional address in future?

We retain your document/s permanently, so you can contact us anytime in the future to have your document/s mailed (fees apply).



I approved my document/s for mailing and they’ve already been mailed, but I now noticed that I need a correction on something. What do I do?

We can modify mailed document/s (fees apply). Please contact

How long do you keep my document/s on file?

Documents that are emailed to us are retained for approximately 120 days, then deleted. Document/s that we have prepared for you are kept on file permanently.

What if I need a refund?

We will gladly refund you according to our T&Cs. Please email for assistance.


Other questions?

Email us here. We look forward to helping you!